Avail contour long sleeve hooded performance shirt - Black
Avail contour long sleeve hooded performance shirt - Black
Avail contour long sleeve hooded performance shirt - Black

Avail contour long sleeve hooded performance shirt - Black

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Our sizing runs true but may run small for those bigger guys. If an extra loose fit is desired, we suggest going up a size. 

Shipping time: 2-4 business days.

SUN BLOCKING - Average clothing allows the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays to penetrate through the fabric. The Avail contour hooded long sleeve performance shirt serves as a protective barrier that completely eliminates the use of sunscreen. With an astonishing Ultraviolet Protection Factor of 50+ your skin will stay protected day in and day out while avoiding the harmful chemicals in sunscreen. 

PROTECTIVE HOOD - You need all the protection you can get. Therefor we integrated a light weight hood to block the sun's UV Rays on your neck, ears, and the sides of your face. Pair this shirt with with an Avail hat & Face shield, and you've successfully conquered the elements.

SUPERB BREATH-ABILITY - We know it gets hot out there. So designing the right fabric was something that was very import to us. Our avail contour series features state of the art manufacturing where we infuse polyester and spandex to achieve a fabric that is extremely lightweight and highly breathable. But we didn’t stop there by adding the softest high flow mesh in all areas prone to sweat. 

MOISTURE WICKING - Cheap fabric is prone to stains and absorbing odor. Therefor we use the highest quality fabric and took it a step further by infusing our performance shirts with a hydrophobic protective coating so Odors, moisture and stains just don’t stick if addressed immediately. Our shirts are designed to last, day in and day out towards anything that you may face in mother nature.

SUBLIMINAL PRINT - Other brands choose to use heat transfer, which is a low standard in terms of comfort and durability. Heat transferred designs are heavy, bulky and eventually crack and peel off the fabric. However, our performance shirts are 100% subliminal printed excluding all factors previously stated. Subliminal printing allows us to showcase a fashionable design without sacrificing any performance qualities. 

INFINITE-STRETCH - In order to perform you need to be able to move. As mentioned, the Avail contour performance shirt is Infused with spandex, which maximizes comfort and enhances range of motion. In other words the shirt is designed to stretch while maintaining a loose fit. Our shirts are true to size but a little snug on the chest and arms to emphasize a slim fit. If you like a very loose shirt we suggest going up a size.