White Contour Face Shield
White Contour Face Shield

White Contour Face Shield

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SUN BLOCKING - Average Fabric allows the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays to penetrate. The Avail Face Shield acts as a protective barrier that completely eliminates the use of sunscreen. With an astonishing Ultraviolet Protection Factor of 50+ your skin will stay protected day in and day out while avoiding the harmful chemicals in sunscreen. 

SUPERB COMFORT - Engineered with state of the art manufacturing with cotton infused polyester to achieve a fabric that is extremely comfortable and highly breathable. 

SUBLIMINAL PRINT - 100% subliminal print which allows a fashionable design without sacrificing any performance qualities. 

INFINITE-STRETCH - In order to perform you need to be able to move. Our Face shields are designed to stretch to maximize comfort for long hot days in the sun.